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Equipment: Ribbon Blender/Mixer
Equipment Type: Mixing Equipment -> Blender
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2018-05-03
Main Features:
Usage: Ribbon Blender are mostly used by Detergent powder, Pharmaceutical Powder, Talcum Powder manufacturing in Chemical, Plastic, Paints, Food and allied industry. GMP model is provided to Pharmaceutical & Food Industry.We offer Ribbon Blender from 25 Ltrs to 5000 Ltrs in Material of contruction Mild Steel and Stainless Steel and also in GMP grade
Description: Ribbon Blender as the name suggest consist of Semi-Cylinderical shell inside which rotates Spiral Inner and outer Ribbon type Blades along the central shaft. The Ribbon Blades are so designed so that the Powder or Semi wet material of different densities get homogenously mixed. The Outer Blades pushes the material towards the centre of the Blender and Inner blades pushes the material on the two ends of the Blender to get thorough and homogenous mixing. A lid is provided on the top opening of the Blender Material Discharge is done through Sliding valve at the bottom of the blender. A hopper or grilled opening is provided on the top Lid if required. The drive is designed to give maintenance and trouble free performance. The Blender is Mounted on MS Channel Fabricated Structure. The Shaft is coupled to the Reduction Gear Box with Flexible coupling. The Reduction Gear Box directly coupled or driven by Motor using V belt pulley.
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